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MAC- Edmond


May 27th - 31st


1pm - 4pm

About the Course

Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic.
Learn how to move objects with your mind,
make a monkey appear
and operate a time machine
just to name a few.
In this course students will learn the different types of ma
gic from dinner table tricks to
stage illusions, but more importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a tru
magician as each lesson reveals an important life skill to help build their confidence and
communication skills.
Each lesson comes with a custom magic prop, a top secret file folder, and a secret word to
unlock bonus videos in an online video vault.
This life changing program builds self
and develops critical communication skills in a
fun and unique way that is guaranteed to unlock your child's potential and impact the rest of
their life.

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