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Who is Funky Monkey Magic?

Funky Monkey Magic was founded by Joe Coover after over 20 years of teaching magic classes and summer camps. Using this experience Joe and an international team of professional educators and magical thinkers have honed a special curriculum that perfectly fits the varied needs of our program partners. 


Why add Magic Classes?

Growing up is harder than ever. Kids just want to have fun, fit in, and find friends.

• It’s especially common for kids to feel disconnected and self-conscious today.

✓ Self-worth rises and falls with social media likes and shares, which can make kids anxious and withdraw.

✓ Screens reduce face-to-face interactions, eye contact, verbal skills, and the ability to “read the room.”

• Kids need fun experiences and practical tools to become more confident and connected.

What makes these classes so great?

Simply put we create extraordinary fun that makes great kids appear

Funky Monkey Magic is here to create more happiness in our kids and more empathy in our world.

• It focuses on magic, fun, and learning. The magic makes the fun happen; the fun makes the learning easy.

✓ The magic consists of:

o Four full-length “wand courses” taught over a period of days or weeks in person or online

o Single-day workshops and optional stand-alone tricks

o Unique, high-quality custom props, materials, and online resources you won’t find in off-the-shelf magic kits

✓ The fun comes from:

o Surprises! Discover Magic Kids learn something new in every lesson that they can share right away

o Unique games that help them explore their creativity, feel connected to the group, and build friendships

o Bonus content to practice over time, so they can take their Discover Magic experience as far as they want



The Spaller Family

“The way you guys run your programs and the things taught that thesekids get, ishow life skills should be experienced.”

Ben Smith, Parent

“ This is the one place that has truly sparked something in my son’s life and has made him feel comfortable around other people!”

Joy Skinner,Parent

“My daughter has never been more excited to come home and show mewhat she’s learned!”

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