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All about Funky Monkey Magic Camp

All About Funky Monkey Magic Camp

Funky Monkey Magic, originally known as Oklahoma Magic Academy, began in 2015, led by its owner and award-winning magician, Joe Coover. Starting as a way for Joe to share his love for magic with the next generation, Funky Monkey Magic soon turned into the premier program for young magicians to learn the basics of magic along with life skills that will carry over to every aspect of life.

We’re looking forward to another wonderful summer filled with magic, and we’ve been lucky enough to partner with facilities in Norman, Moore, and Edmond for Summer ‘24.

What is Magic Camp?

A magic camp with us consists of half-day classes, either 9 am to noon OR 1 pm to 4 pm, running Monday through Friday. During this time, your young magician will learn 8 primary magic tricks. Additionally, they will receive folders that teach them many more tricks to practice at home long after camp is over. With each primary trick they learn, we discuss one of the 8 traits of a true magician, which are amazing qualities that transfer over to everyday life. For example, a magician is prepared, a magician is humble. But don’t let the life lessons fool you; we’ll be playing tons of games and puzzles throughout the week to keep your magician moving and engaged.

Finally, a week of magic camp is finished with a cherry on top because on Friday in the last hour* of camp, your young magician will take part in a magic performance that you are invited to attend. You’ll be able to see your camper perform one of the 8 primary magic tricks they learned during camp and see their personality really shine on stage.

Who Can Attend Magic Camp?

The short answer is 7 to 12-year-olds; we find that this is the best age to understand the material and really appreciate our silliness.

The exceptions:

  • We’ve had 6-year-olds do great in our classes and have tons of fun. It is important for them to be independent readers on par with the first-grade level going into second in order for them to get the most from the material.

  • We’ve even had 5-year-olds, but only if they have an older sibling in the same class to “look out for them.”

  • 13-year-olds have had tons of fun and can really excel with this magic curriculum. The only issue that we can run into with our young teens is if they feel “too cool” to join in on the silly, goofy fun.

With all that said, if you think your child is going to have fun at magic camp, then we want them there!

How Do I Enroll My Junior Magician?

All camps are live and ready for you to enroll your young magician. Simply follow the link below to the location of your choice and follow the directions to get them signed up today!

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