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Everything you need to know about Funky Monkey Foam: Backyard Birthday Edition

Interested in hosting your kiddo’s birthday party at home with Funky Monkey Foam but not sure how it all works or what a foam party is anyway? Completely understandable! Foam parties at home are a wonderful new option for birthday party entertainment. I’ll go over all you need to know like what to wear, what requirements the space needs to have, and our typical party timeline so you can know exactly what to expect from a party with Funky Monkey Foam.

What is a Foam Party?

Think bubbles, millions and millions of bubbles piled high for you to explore, dance in, wear as the latest foam fashion, or anything else you could want to do in a magnificent mountain of foam in your backyard. Then we add in some high-energy dance music from our crowd-pleasing, kid-appropriate playlists, and you have the event of the summer right at home. It’s a great alternative to a pool party without the hassle of owning a pool. Our party experts will be leading the fun with silly games, dance-offs, and Instagram-worthy photo ops so you can ensure that great memories are being made.

What are the Requirements?

We can adapt to most locations for the foam party, but there are a few simple requirements:

  • Water access, specifically a hose attachment within 50 feet of the foam area.

  • A power outlet within 50 feet of the foam area.

  • A space outside approximately 30’x30’ for foam, grass, or concrete.

What Should We Tell Our Guests to Wear?

The foam is safe for any clothing as long as it’s safe to get wet; some of the favorite options are t-shirts and shorts or even rainbow tutus. The foam is similar to a splash park where some kids are going to get soaking wet and others are going to barely get wet at all depending on how they choose to play. For footwear, it will vary, but we see crocs (in sport mode), water shoes, and bare feet all work with equal success and fun. Lastly, we find that people like to bring a towel to dry off or wipe the foam off their hands before they dig into some cake.

Example Timeline of a Birthday Party: Party starts at 2 pm

1:30 (30 minutes until foam time) - Our party experts will arrive at your home to set up the foam zone; simply show us the location for the foam zone, the water spigot, and the electric outlet, and we will take care of the rest.

1:45 (15 minutes until foam time) - The music has started, and we’re getting ready to make this the best party ever.

2:00 (foam time!) - Just kidding, we usually give a few extra minutes for guests to arrive so we can all start the party together.

2:05 - FOAM TIME! We’re blasting the foam cannon, the tunes, and the fun for the next 45 minutes.

2:50 - Winding down, we’ll give everybody a last call before the cannon runs out of foam, and everyone can get their final foam pictures.

3:00 - Cake and presents! During this time, our party experts will be loading out our equipment.

3:20 - Our equipment is loaded, and the foam mountain we all loved so much is dwindling and will soon be gone. No mess, just a well-watered lawn. Thank you for another funky party!

Any Other Questions?

Hopefully, this answered your most pressing questions about hosting your own Funky Monkey Foam birthday party. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to comment, email, call, text, page, send a carrier pigeon, contact us on Instagram, or even send us a message in a bottle.

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